The Lucifer Principle

Lucifer Principle by Howard BloomThe Lucifer Principle

 A Scientific Expedition Into The Forces of History

by Howard Bloom
(Atlantic Monthly Press, $23)


“Unlike anything you’ve ever read before. An act of astonishing intellectual courage.”
Leon Uris

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A Scientific Expedition Into The Forces Of History

“Readers will be mesmerized by the mirror Bloom holds to the human condition, and dumbfounded by the fusillade of eclectic data that arrives with the swiftness and intensity of a furious tennis volley. His style is effortless, engaging, witty and brisk…. He draws on a dozen years of research into a jungle of scholarly fields…and meticulously supports every bit of information….”
Washington Post

“provocative…explosive…feisty…a string of rhetorical firecrackers that challenge our many forms of self-righteousness.”
Chet Raymo, Boston Globe

“Bloom’s tour of science and history is fascinating…a grand, exciting idea….”
Will St. John, Detroit Free Press

“Howard Bloom’s book is an epoch-making and culture-defining treatise. It is destined to be the Future Shock of our time.”
Bob Guccione, Jr., publisher
and editor-in-chief of Spin Magazine

“elegant…the highest quality of brain food…[a] revolutionary new vision of human nature…[a] monumental work…heady stuff from a wonderful, original thinker…simply stunning….”
Lawrence Hall, Newark Star-Ledger

“a philosophical look at the history of our species, which alternated between fascinating and frightening. Reading it was like reading Dean Koontz or Stephen King: I couldn’t put it down. …masterful….”
Mark Graham, Rocky Mountain News

“You only thought you knew what you were until you read this book. I want to burn it. I wish I had never read it. I wish Howard Bloom had never been born. And it is now my Bible. It is undeniable. It is a force unto itself. Everything you believed before, it will rip from you. It will leave you a boneless jelly of confusion. It will be the voice of a new philosophical generation.”
Nassir Isaf, an 18-year-old reader from Bainbridge Island, WA

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“A fascinating new evolutionary theory which could deeply
change our view of life, and a new worldview which could
radically change our interpretation of social structures.”
(Florian Roetzer)
Howard Bloom’s latest book

The Evolution of Mass Mind from the Big Bang to the 21st Century