Winner of Best Film at the Design Science Film Festival in San Juan Bautista, California. The Grand Unified Theory of Howard Bloom is a 66-Minute documentary by three-time Emmy-winning director Charlie Hoxie and produced by BRIC-TV. The Grand Unified Theory of Howard Bloom has been shown at the Doc-NYC Film Festival, the Santa Barbara Film Festival, the Not Film Festival in Santarcangelo di Romagna, Italy, and the Raw Science Film Festival in Los Angeles.

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Beautiful film, beautiful man. Terrific. Everyone loved it. Moving, funny, warm, enlightening and inspiring.  REMARKABLY  excellent. So enjoyable.  Great. Amazing.  Inspiring. genuine, passionate, and novel. Wonderful.  Mind expanding.  A thrill.

“Beautiful film, beautiful man.” Patrice Adcroft, former editor, Omni, 17 Magazine, Marie Claire, and founding editor, InStyle.

“A truly moving, funny, warm, enlightening and inspiring film. A great film about an incredible man.” Kieran Loughney.

“What a terrific film.”  Mardi Ellen Hill, two-time National Endowment for the Arts grant winner.

“So many lessons, inspiration, and joy in our possibilities.” Kathryn R Martin–Leadership Transition Strategist & Coach.

“Terrific accomplishment.”  Joel Sebold, Director of Research and Data Science, Refinitiv.

 “Amazing and so inspiring.“ Mercedeh Mirshamsi, senior digital designer, Stuart Weitzman Company.

“A remarkable film.”   Rebecca Feynberg,  Adjunct Professor of Music Technology, New York University

“Tonight’s best destination!  Impressed. It was so enjoyable. Howard Bloom being one of the most amazing characters I know.” Ken Schaffer, inventor of the wireless guitar, former head of publicity for Jimi Hendrix’s record company, Douglas Records.

“REMARKABLY excellent.”  E.E. Coons, Professor of Psychology, New York University, the man who discovered what the hypothalamus does.

 “What Howard Bloom said about the isolation and feelings about being alone and sick were so spot on. It’s solitary confinement. I’ve never heard it said before. It’s one of our cultural secrets. Those who are alone and in pain are not spoken about.   The film was great. I’m so impressed with the quality and Bloom’s message.”  Peter Colen, artist and photographer.

“Amazing.”  Phil Rosenberg, Sex and Politics Radio, WBCR, Brooklyn College.

“Loved the film.”  Ida Langsam, founder, ISLPR Public Relations.

“Loved the film “ Sam Sarowitz, owner, Posteritati.

“Mind expanding.”  Sylvia Zoos.

“A thrill.”  Michael Abelson, independent investor.

“I loved it.”  Jane Marke, MD, psychiatrist.

“Wonderful film! I loved it.” Alison Busche.