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Artserve–All the art your eyes can eat. !65,000 images, 65 gigabytes of material, growing constantly–and it’s fully searchable, to boot.



~ Beyond bones & stones

  ��  Easy-to-use web guide to resources on anthropology and ancient history.



All the Virology on the WWW – If you’re looking for specific virus-related information, or if you’re a virology/microbiology professional, this is the place to start. For interesting pictures, start here, then continue your hunt at The Big Picture Book of Viruses.

Online magazine of the Israel Physical Society (IPS). Thier latest issue features Howard Bloom’s article “The Xerox Effect–On the Importance of Pre-biotic Evolution.”


Telepolis -High quality German web magazine of digital culture. Global Brain’s early drafts appeared as a three-year series in Telepolis’ cyberpages. The magazine has also published Kevin Kelly, Peter Russell, Douglas Rushkoff, Florian Rötzer, and Charles Lumsden.

Howard Bloom’s Big Bang Tango Media Lab-Street art has traditionally been the mainstream art of the future. The power of street culture gave us jazz and in the 1920s, tap dancing in the 1930s, doo-wop in the 1950s, garage band rock in 1960s and 1970s, and break dancing and rap in the 1980s. A new street art is burgeoning on the World Wide Web. It’s flash poetry, flash animation, and full-animation of the sort that only major studios could make two years ago. Today it’s made on home computers by creators like Rob Kritkausky, Michael Lockhart, John Braun, and Jason Liszkiewicz, the founding artists of The Big Bang Tango Media Lab. The Big Bang Tango Media Lab has taken on the challenge of making art that takes you from the birth of the universe to what’s going on in your emotions as you read this page. Its work is growing daily from an extraordinary embryo. What is the Big Bang Tango Media Lab’s long-term goal? Ultimately to save and change humanity by changing the way it sees. To change and save humanity by giving it a sense of meaning.


The Educational CyberPlayGround – An ambitious, sprawling treasure trove of resources, complete with internal search engine, run by International Paleopsychology Project member Karen Ellis, a leading figure in the application of music to education. For Ellis’ take on Howard Bloom, click here.

Evolutionary Psychology and Evolutionary Biology

Human Behavior and Evolution Society – the leading organization dedicated to Evolutionary Psychology.

Evolutionary Psychology: A Primer by Leda Cosmides & John Tooby-Evolutionary Biologist David Sloan Wilson, author of Darwins Cathedral and Unto Others: The Evolution and Psychology of Unselfish Behavior, says that Howard Bloom “is a heretic among heretics.” Leda Cosmides and John Tooby are the keepers of the scientific creed Bloom has rebelled against. Tooby and Cosmides are the leading dogmatists of traditional evolutionary psychology. “There’s a lot to learn in John and Leda’s work,” says Bloom, “and a lot to fire the mind. But John and Leda have an unbreakable belief that everything comes down to the greed of selfish loners. For the traditionalists who follow Tooby and Cosmides, every thought and every emotion is driven by the selfishness of lone individuals, lone organisms, and lone genes…solitary con-artists selfishly raking in their gains. This rules out the most basic passions deep inside of you and me–our commitments to idealism, our need to find meaning, our need to believe in something worth living and dying for, our need for hugs, our need for art and music, our need for recognition, and our need to sacrifice for something bigger than just ‘me’.”

Notes on Elementary Evolutionary Biology Page – Free online textbooks by M.Tevfik Dorak, BA(Hons), MD, PhD. Dorak provide one-stop shopping for basic information vital to scientists and students interested in the nuts and bolts of modern evolutionary theory. His Essentials of Genetics is a seventeen-chapter web-primer based on a course Dorak has given at the Cardiff University Centre for Lifelong Learning. Dorak’s Notes on Elementary Evolutionary Biology is a fourteen-chapter opus. His site also includes a substantial amount of material on the immunogenetics of leukemia, on major histocampitibility complexes (MHC’s), on statistics, and even on music history and theory.


The Perseus ProjectThe most incredible, searchable collection of literature from ancient Greece and Rome available anywhere.

JohnstoniaA collection of treasures–online text versions of books and articles that played a pivotal role in the history of science–from Lamarck’s Zoological Philosophy (1809) and Cuvier’s Discourse on the Revolutionary Upheavals on the Surface of the Earth (1812) to Richard Owen’s 1860 Review of Origin of Species in which he declares Darwin’s seminal book–the Bible of modern evoultionary theory–a “disappointment.”

Argos Search engine of ancient and medieval history. Another gem. This search engine helps you soar from ancient history to the middle ages.

Literature and Poetry itself as: “The preeminent Internet publisher of literature, reference and verse providing students, researchers and the intellectually curious with unlimited accessto books and information on the web, free of charge.” But that’s an understatement.’s search engine gives you access to literature, poetry, quotations, and facts at a speed no paper library can equal.


C-realm – Kevin O’Connor, a gifted cartoonist, has his own way of working with memes. His website is designed, he says, to “to condition the host to be conscious of her own motivations, of the memes she sustains and propagates, of the expectations she has for herself and others, and of the likely consequences of her words and actions. ” But the C-realm’s real prize is Kevin’s cartoon journal of his own unfolding life.

Meme Central – everything you ever wanted to know about memes and other mind contagions. This site is run by Richard Brodie, author of the book Virus of the Mind, original programmer of Microsoft Word, and a pioneer in memetic theory.


Where Echoes End–A powerful Australian band whose music probes the bleeding wounds of consciousness. The band’s website is a visual feast. On it, Where Echoes End’s Eddie Katz explains how his group’s music has been inspired in part by the works of Howard Bloom.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – Many of the insights in The Lucifer Principle and Global Brain come from a combination of traditional scientific research and urban anthropology–specifically a 20-year-long expedition into the dark underbelly of mass emotion. Says Howard Bloom, “Joan Jett, her manager, Kenny Laguna, and I worked as a team, ripping our way through the mass culture’s veins and arteries, following the pulse of public passions to its core. Bette Midler, Prince, Michael Jackson, John Cougar Mellencamp, David Byrne, Paul Simon, Bob Marley, Billy Joel, Billy Idol, Lionel Richie, Art Garfunkel, Diana Ross, Barry Manilow, Queen, Aerosmith, Kiss, AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Run DMC and many others helped open the caverns of mass emotion to me – allowing me to act as their strategist and counselor. This is a privilege of a kind rarely offered to even the most determined participant-researcher. Margaret Mead, Ruth Benedict, Max Weber, Emile Durkheim, Eric Erikson, and Alfred Kroeber would have found the opportunity exhilarating beyond belief. I owe thanks to Joan, Kenny, Bette, Prince, Michael, Randy Jackson, Janet Jackson, and all the others who allowed me into their lives.”


The Lucifer Principle Related Sites pageIf you love the intellectually scrumptious, you will love this site. If you love small gems of cyber-motion–animated .gif pictures–you will find it a delight.

Theories of Everything

Factasia – An ambitious theory designed to “To contribute to the values which shape our future and to the technology which helps us build it. ” Roger Bishop Jones’ Factasia webpages are lively and filled with hyperlinks to intriguing resources.


Sites on Howard Bloom

The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition Into the Forces of History, by Howard Bloom. Readers will be mesmerized by the mirror Bloom holds to the human condition, and dumbfounded by the fusillade of eclectic data that arrives with the swiftness and intensity of a furious tennis volley. His style is effortless, engaging, witty and brisk…. He draws on a dozen years of research into a jungle of scholarly fields…and meticulously supports every bit of information….” Washington Post.

“A revolutionary vision of the relationship between psychology and history. The Lucifer Principle will have a profound impact on our concepts of human nature. It is astonishing that a book of this importance could be such a pleasure to read.” Elizabeth F. Loftus, past president, American Psychological Society, author of Witness for the Defense and The Myth of Repressed Memory.

“A philosophical look at the history of our species, which alternated between fascinating and frightening. Reading it was like reading Dean Koontz or Stephen King: I couldn’t put it down. …Masterful…. Best Non-Fiction Book of the year.” Mark Graham, Rocky Mountain News.
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éditions Le jardin des LivresFrench edition of The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition Into the Forces of History, by Howard Bloom. Says the French publisher, Pierre Jovanovic, “‘The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition into the Forces of History, is the most important book since Darwin’s Origin of the Species.”

Disinformation Profiles Howard Bloom in texts, video clips of interviews, and conferences. Quoth Disinformation’s Richard Metzger: “I have met God, and he lives in Brooklyn. …Howard Bloom is next in a lineage of seminal thinkers that includes Newton, Darwin, Einstein, Freud, and Buckminster Fuller…he is going to change the way we see ourselves and everything around us.”



Disinformation–Interviews with Howard Bloom



Global Brain Discussion Group

– E-Groups Forum to “discuss the Global Brain and attempt to determine whether a group or individual paradigm is operational for the new millennium.”

Lifeboat Foundation Post of Howard Bloom Yale Speech – A Yale speech Howard Bloom presented at Yale in March of 2005 entitled “SCREW SUSTAINABILITY: THE AGE OF THE TORNADO TAMERS BUSTING THE BUBBLE OF SPACESHIP EARTH” posted at the Lifeboat Foundation website, a nonprofit nongovernmental organization dedicated to helping humanity survive existential risks and possible misuse of increasingly powerful technologies, including genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and robotics/AI, as we move towards a “technological singularity.”
Great Thinkers page Great Thinkers and Visionaries. A gallery of modernity’s most creative cogitators.

The Space Show®
David Livingston as host, focuses on timely and important issues influencing the development of outer-space commerce and space tourism, as well as other related subjects of interest to us all.



Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.

Howard Bloom appeared on the Coast to Coast Show six times in the days when Art Bell was its master. Now the baton has passed to George Noory, a man who is passionate about the care, the feeding, and the power of the human soul. Howard Bloom comes at the soul from the point of view of science–and regards its passions as one of science’s greatest challenges…and as one of science’s greatest mysteries. So George asks Howard to drop in for three-hour conversations from time to time. Between them they cover everything from the events of 9/11 and the rise of China to what humans have learned from microbes and sharks.

Video Clips of Howard Bloom

Voices from the Edge Presents (Article, Audio & Video)
In Praise of Consumerism: The Spiritual Fruits of Materialism
Materialism. Consumerism. Words with bad reputations, invoking images of conspicuous consumption and squandered resources. But what if our innate compulsion to endlessly produce and consume is actually a natural and, in fact, critical part of a higher evolutionary process? In this Voices talk recorded at The Next Stage in New York, the ever-provocative Howard Bloom, author of Global Brain and The Lucifer Principle, argues that consumerism, with its inherent drive to invent, compete, create, and redefine ourselves and our world, is actually a primary force behind the development of human civilization.


Space Solar Power Video
Message to the presidential candidates regarding the energy crisis

Article Featured at

Who’s Smarter: Chimps, Baboons or Bacteria? The Power of Group IQ ( Part I )

Omnology at Work

Website of Dr. Paul Werbos
Dr. Paul Werbos, a theoretical physicist, engineer, and mathematician is the National Science Foundation’s Program Director for the Control Networks & Computational Intelligence Program.
He is also the utlimate Omnologist. His webpage, Werbos World, covers everything from How the Universe Works and What is A Mind to Sustainable Growth on Earth and Sustainable Space Settlement. Dr. Werbos is a co-conspirator with Howard Bloom and the Aerospace Technologies Working Group in championing an Instant End to Energy Independence via a Biofuels and Space Solution.

Believe it or not, Sex and Guts saw the sex and guts in Howard Bloom’s Global Brain…and wrote about it…twice.

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The Evolution of Mass Mind From the Big Bang
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